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Snoogas is made for those who love to slip their feet into something absolutely comfortable as well as for those who hate the usual boring slippers. So meet Snoogas, the best friend of your feet and the owner of our little online shop.

Why Wooly Snoogas?
1. Wool’s cool and hot at the same time. Wool has a sort of built-in climate control, which keeps your feet warm in winter and cool in summer.
2. It massages your feet.
3. It’s absolutely natural and biodegradable.
4. It absorbs moisture without getting damp.
5. Wool never gets mildew or mold.
6. Wool absorbs sound. So you will walk quietly at home.
7. Wool is durable and stain-resistant.
8. Dust mites don’t like wool so it's safe for those who have allergies.
9. It is fire-retardant.
10. Wool fibers absorb natural colour dyes easily. So there’s no need to use toxic chemicals for dyes.

A pair of Snoogas made for you

Snoogas clogs are produced in limited edition collections. This means a pair of a particular colour and size may be out of stock… for good. This also means that few people will have the same Snoogas as you – more space for your individuality and unique style.

Behind the Scenes
If you sink your fingers into natural wool, you will feel the magic of its softness and comfort, it’s almost like touching a long-lost friend. A mate. This is how the idea of Snoogas, the Footmate, came about in the heads of three friends, residing in Lithuania and Japan.

The three have developed a product – handmade woolen clogs, designed to meet the needs of the most demanding and most tired feet in the world, anywhere between (but not limited to) Europe and Asia. And to make your day just a little brighter – we offer a jazzy array of bright colours, spraying some vivaciousness into everyday routine.